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1 Day

The UMTS benchmarks body, 3GPP, has been setting up higher gauges to attain to eager objectives for the eventual fate of versatile correspondences i.e. Fourth Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution – LTE. The main impetus for further creating LTE towards LTE Advanced was to have the capacity to give higher Bitrates in an expense productive manner. This course covers the significant parts of LTE Advanced and will give the representative a comprehension of the new functionalities presented.

The fundamental new functionalities presented in LTE-Advanced are Carrier Aggregation, improved utilization of multi-reception apparatus procedures and backing for Relay Nodes and these are secured in subtle element on the course. So as to pick up the high Peak information rates needed in LTE Advanced, bearers will be totaled together to give an expanded range data transfer capacity, the greatest being 100 MHZ. There are some new conventions and LTE Channels and this course covers that and additionally the improvement or changes to a portion of the channels.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to 4G Technology

  • Simulation tools used in 4G Technology in system level, link level. (matlab)

  • Relay Architecture and NODES

  • MIMO Enhancement in LTE Advanced

  • Most recent Industry research and investigation into LTE Advanced Test Trials and techniques.

  • Data on Carrier Aggregation with transfer speed surpassing 20MHZ and up to 100MHZ

  • Heterogeneous system arranging of blended extensive and little cells blended by utilizing Relay Node

  • Advantages of Multi-antenna techniques to boost peak throughput in excess of 3Gbit/s

  • Advanced Multicell Coordination

  • Energy Saving Techniques

  • Optimization Technique

  • Affirmation of every significant highlight of the center and interface

  • Specific aspects such as Security

Course Outcome

  • Demonstrate an Understanding of the portable devices and the objectives of LTE

  • Admire the transformative way towards LTE

  • Familiar with the genuine air interface highlights including SC-FDMA

  • Get a perception of the radio channels at both physical and logical level