DSS Engineers – Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3

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Windows 10 Deployments, Backups of the files, Data migrations and relevant Experiences. Scope of Activities


  • Desktop support

  • IMAC support

  • Asset refresh

  • Asset disposal activity (Excluding physical disposal)

  • Hardware break-fix of end-user devices

  • Mobile device troubleshooting

  • Conference room support – Audio-Video conferencing room support

  • Smart hands support

  • Incident recording and update

  • Liaison with the Partner Service desk, L2 and L3 group as needed (mostly applicable for dedicated sites)

  • Basic end-user training not exceeding 15 minutes

  • Third-Party / Vendor coordination

Key Activities

  • Provide onsite support (operational and technical)

  • Network & Telecom devices are included in support across all sites under the support model

  • Troubleshoot & resolve incidents associated with multiple equipment & software, provide break/fix support, advice and assistance to authorized users

  • Coordinate of related activities with the Service Desk support teams (remote & onsite)

  • Install applications, certificates and deployment of software

  • Coordinate with the third party as necessary to keep equipment and software in good working order


  • Coordinate and plan installations, de-installations, cascades, moves, add/changes for all EUC Equipment, Software, and related Services to Client

  • Monitor client satisfaction and closely monitor Service Levels throughout the IMAC activity and following the delivery at predetermined intervals

  • Manage the recording and collection of the required inventory information and update the inventory system (or other Client inventory system)

  • With the approval of the Authorized User, back up Authorized User data, re-image End User Computing Devices and restore such Authorized User data to such End User Computing Devices. (e.g., personal preferences drive mappings)

  • Determine if there are any special requirements at the IMAC location(s) and coordinate physical space requirements

  • Confirm correct implementation of the IMAC with the designated Client end user as appropriate

  • Coordinate with third parties (e.g., network administrators, electricians and telecommunication specialists) with respect to changes required by Installation, Move, Addition, Change; (“IMAC”)

Asset Management

  • Perform asset tracking of End User Computing devices

  • Provision end-user computing devices for new joiners and/or relocated users

  • Collect end-user computing devices from leavers

  • Support user/device relocation and device life cycle activities

  • Adhere to the relevant Client policies covering the decommissioning of equipment

  • Follow the asset recovery process for Customer identified personnel who will be terminating in accordance with the required service standards

  • Manage end of life assets. Preparing lists of assets and coordinating with users for scheduling appointments for replacement, follow-up with a new user to make sure asset is functioning properly, maintain tracker

  • Validate that End User Computing Services are in compliance with warranties, seek guidance from the applicable vendors, if necessary, and comply with such warranties

  • Manage on-hand parts Inventory/PC Inventory to sustain SLA’s for warranty or non-warranty device replacement (spares)

OS Imaging

  • Maintain devices and install end user’s / customer’s approved global standard image and certified software as required by Authorized Users for Service Request, Incident handling and Life cycle events

  • Confirm post-delivery Authorized Users preferences and drive mappings

  • Validate and deliver when necessary service packs, hot fixes, PC health and applied updates for EUC devices in Service response

Anti-Virus & Malicious Code

  • Manage and maintain user’s / customer’s provided antivirus, logging and Malicious Code solutions for the End User Computing Devices as part of the End User Computing Services

  • Support End User Computing anti-virus and Malicious Code Incidents and Service Requests

Mobile Device Management

  • MDM- Support for any Mobile device issues

  • MDM- Support iOS and Blackberry and iPhone equipments utilized by Customer using remote System management tools and local support technicians as needed

  • Maintain, provide issuance of mobile Corporate Owned Devices and the collection of user’s / customer’s Authorized User agreements of these devices (e.g. iPad’s, iPhones, Cell Phones, Blackberries) via Service Request processes

  • Manage end-user tools (e.g. Blackberry Work and Skype for Business) activations for all regions

AV & VC Room Support

  • Provide Concierge services for audio visual needs

  • VC Support – Support for Video conference rooms

  • AV Support – Coordinate with Audio Visual equipment vendor for IMAC & Break fix

  • Assist with constructing meeting content (PowerPoint, video stream, web-ex, external video conferencing, webcast, special audio delivery, polling, etc.) when requested by Authorized User

  • Schedule, coordinate external vendor (ex. Web-ex) services in support of Authorized User events

  • Support / arrange preventative maintenance checks from the local audio visual vendor

  • Provide Authorized Users training and documentation on how to operate audio visual equipment

  • Provide support services for all Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and display systems

Print Services

  • Coordinate with Client Printer Vendor for hardware break/fix support

  • Facilitate Adds, Moves, Changes and End of Lease replacements of print devices

Competitive salary based on experience.

Please forward your CV to “[email protected]”.

Note: Successful candidate will be contacted within 7 days.

Network Engineer – CCNA / Routers / Switches

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Express Communication Services Limited is looking Network Engineer for London and Surroundings with the following skills: The Engineer must be able to install, design, analyse, configure, repair, and maintain network infrastructure / application components with further expertise of:

  • Strong network experience

  • CCNA certified with Microsoft Servers

  • Experience and strong knowledge network infrastructure (e.g. firewalls, Cisco routers, switches, Ethernet, TCP/IP)

  • VPN experience

  • Experience with supporting and implementing VoIP

  • Juniper and Cisco Routers

Competitive salary based on experience.

Please forward your CV to “[email protected]”.

Note: Successful candidate will be contacted within 7 days.

Social Media Expert

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Express Communication is looking at social media personal with the experience of the following:

  • WordPress

  • Social Media Knowledge

  • Integration of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts with the company websites, direct traffic and locate the targeted market

  • Online tools such as orkit integration with the company’s website

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expertise

  • Analyse User traffic from different locations

Competitive salary based on experience.

Please forward your CV to “[email protected]”.

Note: Successful candidate will be contacted within 7 days.