Wired Communications is in which messages are transmitted along wires by methods for electrical signs; a kind of media transmission. The messages might be voice transmissions got by tuning in (phone communications), or they might be transmitted and gotten by methods for hardware that records and imitates the messages as discretionary images or letters and numbers (telegraph communications and data transmission).

ExComS provide wired solution to its clients:

  • Network Configuration including Routers, Switches, Firewalls including Remote Access

  • Deployment of High End Routers and Switches of Cisco, Juniper and 3Coms

  • Deployment of Network Planning, Configuration, Implementation and Troubleshooting

  • Network Security including IPS/IDS, Firewall and tools

  • IP V4 and IP V6 Installation and Configuration

  • LAN and WAN Network Deployments

  • Systems Backups Service

  • Moving of the Network equipment from one location to another location with proper configurations