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1 Day

A Smart City is a urban topographical zone that uses best in class advancements to offer proficient intuitive administrations. With the expanding populace in urban zones and insufficiency of regular assets, the thought of savvy urban communities has increased much fascination. The Digital Technologies received by the Smart City to enhance the client situated administrations with less impact on the planet.

Brilliant city utilizes the use of Internet of Everything refers to have brilliant building (lessened carbon outflows), continuous data of every last one of fields for applications, for example, transport, health frameworks, reconnaissance, atmosphere changes, waste transfer offices and vitality productive systems administration.

Presentation and the Concept of Smart City

  • Highlights of Smart City and Current Scenario

  • Smart Cities Services

  • Structural planning and its Approaches

  • Smart Cities Applications

  • Different Subprograms of Smart City Technology

  • Running Projects of Smart City on the planet

  • Smart Devices

  • Smart City: Technology and Urban Planning

  • Framework in distinctive divisions (i.e. Transport, Health, Waste, Network & Natural Resources)

Course Outcome

  • Smart city technology in different departments

  • Designing the city by using different simulation tools

  • Understanding of the infrastructure of city